Press-Type Inflatable Soda Caps

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Every Time When You Drink The Opened Soda, The Soda Power Is Strong As The First Time!

The Press-Type Inflatable Soda Caps is made of quality food-grade material that is safe for your health. The silicone ring will help keep your soda fresh and prevent it from leaking if you haven't finished your bottle in one seating.


  • Press and pump. Use air pressure to pressurize bubbles to prevent carbon dioxide loss.

  • Ease of operation. Easy to operate and long-term sealing air-proof.

  • Food grade material. Made of food-grade PP, safe and healthy. The silicone ring seal will not leak. Press button to prevent soda or cola from going flat.

  • Storage time display. Mark your storage date to protect your diet. Rotate the outer ring of the cap to switch the date. 


Materials: ABS, Silica gel
Color: Red
Size: 4.3cm x 4.7cm (approx)

Warm tip: please use vinegar and clean water for the first time. Please do not disinfect by high temperature, Microwave oven is forbidden.

1PC x Press-Type Inflatable Soda Caps