Cooling Neck Mask, Gaiter Bandanas Scarf with Safety Carbon Filters-3 Colors/6 Packs Carbon Filters

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【Comfortable & Breathable Fabric】: The elastic polyester fiber is suitable for all sizes. Both ladies and men can use it. 3 basic colors, safe protection and bring the stylish experience!
【More Meticulous Protection】: We have additionally provided 6 carbon filters to protect you, such as smoke, sand, pollen and so on. If you only go out for shopping briefly (2-3 hours), Then a piece of filter will be enough to support your use for a week!
【Value For Money】: The fabric is extremely breathable, you will not feel sultry and breathing difficulties no matter what season, and has 3 reusable neck guards, which can meet the needs of the family in one purchase!
【Perfect Fit Your Face】: The size of each neck gaiter is 10*15in, is neither too tight nor too loose. Made of high-quality memory fabric, it will fit according to your face shape, which is comfortable and breathable.
【Multifunctional Use】: This product has strong plasticity, you can use it as a turban, scarf and so on, suitable for all outdoor activities.

Superior Comfortable Fabric

Not all Neck Gaiter are the same!

We use the latest textile technology and high-quality fabrics to make,

It is very durable and must-have for your outdoor trips!

5 Layer Protect

Comfortable and natural, you won't feel any discomfort to protect your trip

Security Filtering

High-quality materials, it will block the invasion of most harmful substances in the air.

Excellent Air Permeability

We use high-grade fine polyester fiber, this material is more breathable and comfortable, even if you wear it all day, you will not feel any discomfort!

Protect Against Wind and Dust

You definitely need it when you need to go out, even in the exercise will not feel difficult to breathe or stuffy, stop all the wind and sand!