Custom Made Moon Lamp

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Tell your loved ones that you you’ll Love Them To The Moon And Back by
customizing their photo or whatever you want to say on the moon lamp!

Using data sourced directly from NASA, the size of the Moon Lamp adjusts
to match, in exact 3D to a 1/20 million scale detail, the actual nighttime
pie in the sky. Thanks to the innovative 3D printing technology, the moon
lamp will then be printed layer by layer stack to replicate the moons topo-
graphy including craters, elevation and ridges! And with the light on, you’ll
find it’s like having a real moon glowing just in your own room!

This special moon lamp also features:

Environmental friendly: We use the eco-friendly & non-toxic PLA
material to produce the moon lamp, making it more durable and safe for
LED changing light with 2 colors: You can change the color between
warm yellow and white by touching the moon to create different atmos-
-phere in your room! Soft LED lights for energy saving, and the moon
lamp works up to 8 hours after fully charged. Charging time is appro x 2
hours via any USB port such as laptop, USB adapter or power bank. (USB
adapter is not included)

In this order you’ll get:

1x Customized 3D Moon Lamp
1x Micro USB Charging Cable
1x Wooden Base
1x Instruction Manual

Customize now and get this fascinating moon lamp, either to your beloved
ones to surprise them or to yourself for delights!

1. Please provide the photo in .jpeg or .png format
2. People in the photo provided should be complete
For more details, please see the requirements on the customization page.