Duckling Snowball And Sandball Maker

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Make Adorable Snow Ducks in Seconds!
Make Your Snow Fight Way More Fun
SUPER EASY, LIGHTWEIGHT FOR KIDS. Comfortable grip and clipping design are easy to make snowball. DURABLE PLASTIC. Waterproof, wear-proof. 

A simple, yet unique mold that lets you easily make snow ducks in a matter of seconds. NO MORE SNOWBALL MAKING BY HANDS. Protect hands and fingers of your little baby from cold ice and weather. 

Having the ability to make so many ducklings in such a short amount of time... Get your friends and family ready for a snow duck fight!Whether it snows in your city or not, you can always use this mold! Use it with snow, sand, or even dirt!

These little ducks make a fantastic temporary decoration that you'll never get enough of.

This makes a great surprise for kids or a cool gag toy for just about anyone.



    • 1pc Package: 1 x Duckling Snowball And Sandball Maker (Yellow/Green/Red)