Energy-saving LED Touch Light

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These lights are the perfect combination of convenience, high-tech, and energy-efficiency! 
  • These are the lights for those who need the bright light but hate the hassles! Feel the brightness in your life in two simple stepsStick-on, SHINE-ON! 
  • With an easy touch-activated switch, this light is adjustable from cold blue toned lights to warm yellow toned lights to set a different mood! Don't like the extremes? This light also comes with a balanced white light mode for those who wants neutrality

  • Need them to be a little dimmer? That's also adjustable with these little lights! These are easily attached to most flat surfaces! From car ceilings to inside your closet, these are the MUST HAVE energy-saving, time-saving lights for every home

  • These super bright lights will illuminate any dark areas for you! With only 3 AAA batteries or USB charging, these cute little lamps will bright up your darkest nights with the brightest lights! 

  • These are not just a must have for every home that needs an urgent brightness, but also an easy lighting for camping lovers! Take them on camping trips to have some quick and cute night light! Dark drawers? Use these lamp to help finding your favorite garment! 





  • Dimensions:10*1.5 cm

  • Weight: 74.5 g

Package Includes:

  • 1* LED Energy-Saving Lighting Touch Lamp
  • 1* Charging cord
  • 1* Adhesive tape