Garden Grafting Pruning Pruner Tool Kit-Ω-Cut U-Cut V-Cut Shape

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This amazing tool allows you to graft plants together and cut branches easily!
You can combine parts from two different trees to form a single, functioning individual. The benefit? you can create an exact copy by using this grafting technique an effectively double or triple your harvest. 
  • Different from traditional grafting tool, this product does pruning and grafting at the same time, easy to use and more efficient
  • 3 replaceable grafting cutting blades(Ω-Cut U-Cut V-Cut) can make precision and clean cut
  • Pruning blade(3mm thick) is ideal for removing useless leaves, twigs and stems without changing the tool
  • Able to cut grafting plants' twig whose diameter is range from 5mm-1.4cm/0.2"-0.55"
  • Handles are made from ABS plastic, the rest part and blades are made from high carbon steel, chrome treated for durable sharp


Iliantral provides 30 Days Warranty and Lifetime Product Support.
Within this period, if the product gets broken after usage or for any reason you are not satisfied with it,
please contact us for new replacements or return, we will resolve any possible issue for you.

When making the grafting cut, do it slowly with stable pressure to get a nice clean cut.
Due to grafting twig is thick, sometimes we need to repeat cutting 2-3 times to get a perfect grafting cut.
Can't cut dry wood or hard wood(like walnut tree, jujube tree).
Only can cut grafting stems whose diameter is from 5mm-1.4cm/0.2"-0.55".
Assemble or disassemble the grafting blades when the handle lock is at LOCK status.

1 x Pruner
3 x Grafting Blades(3 listed type, one is pre-assembled in the pruner)
1 x Wrench(to assemble or disassemble the grafting blade)
1 x Screwdriver(to assemble or disassemble the grafting blade)