LED Strip Light 5M (16.4ft)

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Don't you wish you could change the look and feel of your room without breaking the bank? Transform your ordinary room into a spectacle with our #1 Rated LED Light Strips. Add a creative glow to any corner of your space and set the mood for any vibe with more than 300 colors to choose from. Its multicolored, dimmable lights can get you the perfect desired atmosphere instantly. 

Vibing Lights LED Light Strips have gone viral, and there's no surprise for why... They are FANTASTIC lighting fit for any room! With so many color options and a lifespan of over 50,000+ hours, you can make any room STAY COOL. Your lightbulbs may not fit behind a desk, or under your bed, but with our LED Light Strips the possibilities are endless! Use them under your couch or bed, behind your TV, on your ceiling, or anywhere you can imagine!


We would recommend 3-4 strips to help cover a normal-sized room! This would cover all 4 walls, but as always make sure to measure your room so you know exactly how many you'll need. At a minimum we recommend 1 strip for each area you'd like to light up, such as your TV, desk, or bed! For the gamers, 2-3 strips will be sure to cover your gaming setup.


Our LED Light Strips have an adhesive that will help them stick anywhere! Just peel back the protective plastic to reveal the adhesive. Our strips are also cuttable along with the designated marks, to make sure your setup gets the correct fit. Give your room a massive transformation without the massive cost!