Mini Portable Ultrasonic Turbine Washing Machine

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Doing laundry can many times be a burden, as wash-only clothes and garments need special care. And what happens when travelers are on a trip and no washing machine is available?

Behold Nival, a game-changing portable washer to help clean your clothes, protects delicates from damage, saves 60 times energy, and gets laundry done easier with less hassles. 

Delicate clothing is the greatest concern of the laundry world. One mistake can bring your favorite garments to badly stretched or destroyed stuff. 

But look at this, what would be worse than wasting an evening washing clothes by hand? 

To solve this, Nival utilizes the powerful transducer to automate scrubbing clothes, passively help detach all traces of contamination: dirt, oil, dust, grease, pigments thoroughly in a gentle way. 

It protects delicates from damage from a conventional washing machine. Just 30 to 40 minutes, rinse your clothes, hang up to dry, you will be able to dress up your favorite garments the next day. 

30 minutes to accomplish your laundry. Easy and energy efficient. You don't have to pay for any dry cleaning services, or line up in a hotel for a self-service coin machine or even overload your luggage with extensive garments. 

You can also use Nival to wash fruits, glasses and jewelry.


How it Works?

Nival has a built-in powerful transducer in the chamber. It induces high pressure waves at hand-wash frequency, which generates cavitation bubbles to agitate a liquid. The agitation produces high forces on contaminants adhering to clothes and it is also able to penetrate microfibers to thoroughly detach contamination like dirt, oil, dust, grease, pigments, etc. 

The Nival detergent tablet is pure-plant extracts, containing nano-grade active ingredient of decontamination. It will be dissolved within 1 minute and carried away by the water molecules. With help of alternating waves of compression and expansion, it removes dirt and kills 99% bacteria in 30 minutes.

Commonly seen detergent usually contains harsh chemicals. Nival detergent tablet is the environment-friendly formula, which is proven safe, nontoxic, free of fluorescent agents, heavy metals and other harmful substances to your laundry and capable to sterilize and disinfect.  

Diameter: 20 mm

Thickness: 7 mm