MiracleRepair Waterproof Shoe Midsole Pen

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Oxidized yellowed shoes are annoying? We think so too! 
Yellowed midsole can be a desperate problem for sneaker lovers! Restore yellowing midsoles back to life with this miracle pen!
  • This is sneaker lovers' No.1 choice when it comes to bringing the kicks back to life! Revolutionised the current ideas of shoe-caring and bring to you a whole new way to make them more durable and spotless!

    • Our MiracleRepair Midsole Pen effectively provides a layer of protective white coating in one simple step! This pen is the ultimate solution for all yellowing sneakers. Beautify and protect you kicks with this miracle pen! 

    • This miracle pen is designed with a precise marker tip, perfect for applying the coating quickly and easily without any errors! 
    • The soft, gentle pen tip applies the protective coating without causing any abrasion and damage to your kicks!
    • This lightweight, sturdy formula makes it completely indestructible from dirt, scratch, cracks, and waterLong lasting durable paint will help diminish signs of wear.

    • Bring your sneakers back to life in a few smooth, glide-on swipes! Use this pen not only to revitalize your shoes, but also prevents oxidization from its craddle! Applicable for all shoes! 


    • Height: 151 mm
    • Volume: 25 ml

    Package Includes:

    • 1* MiracleRepair Waterproof Shoe Midsole Pen