Tabletop Soccer Pinball Games

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⚽️It’s a GOAL!!! ⚽️
See how many power shots you can score in a row, or enjoy competitive tournament play with friends and family.👪
Virtually any flat surface: tabletop, desktop, floor, patio, deck or bedroom table
The mini toy offers exciting hours of one on one soccer blasting fun and excitement. 

  • A sports action-packed board game that is perfect for hangout and bonding moments with family and friends!⚽️
  • Soccer Pinball Games is so easy to play but provides hours of fun.
  • The game itself has two flippers in front of each goal to defend and there are also flipper at the other end to try and score a goal.⚽️
  • A scoreboard is also included so once you make that precious goal be sure to hit the scoreboard!
  • Suitable for 2 players and more
  • Promotes kid’s cooperation and social skills.⚽️

    Product included:
  • 2 x Footballs 
  • 2 x Elastics
  • 4 x handles
  • 2 x Goals
  • 2x Fences